Get to know a little about the most important people that make up the Lezgi Mountain Craft team.  If you have questions for our craftmakers please let us know here.

(this page is under development)

Elza Amirova - Chief Craftmaker

Xurana Ragimova - Craftmaker

Xurana grew up in a Lezgi community in Daghestan, Russia watching her mother make Lezgi crafts.  It was not until later in life, after moving to Qusar, that she decided to take up her mother’s craft as a source of income.  Self-taught beginning at 6 years old, she has now been making custom children’s socks for 29 years.  Widowed and a mother of 2 boys and a girls, she uses her craft to earn supplemental income.  She is now teaching her daughter the craft.

Ruhiyyə Güləliyerea - Craftmaker

When she was six years old Ruhiyyə began weaving Sumakh carpets with her mother.  Married with one son, she is now responsible for taking care of her family’s home, including 3 milk cows and a plethora of chickens.  In her free time she contributes to the Lezgi Mountain Craft team by indulging in her favorite hobby, knitting tradition and souvenir Lezgi socks.

Zenure Gafarov - Craftmaker
Zenure is the principal maker of Sumakh carpets on the team.  She is also the mother of Elza, our chief craftmaker, and Yashar, our general manager.

Yaşar Gafarov - General Manager

At 16, Yaşar has taken on the responsibility of General Manager of Lezgi Mountain Crafts.  If you have received an email from us, it was from him!  Aside from finishing his secondary education, he is an avid wrestler and hopes to participate in National Championships in the years to come.  Here, he is helping Elza, our chief craftmaker, fit what will become a Lezgi jacket.

Joel Heyman - Adviser

Joel Currently lives with the Gafarov family.  In his role as a Peace Corps Volunteer he works to help the team become sustainable through training and implementation of new ideas.

Micah Lund - Adviser

Micah, as a US Peace Corps Volunteer, helped create Lezgi Mountain Crafts.  He lived with the Gafarov family in Qusar, Azerbaijan for 3 years.