Sumakh style carpets come from a traditional form of carpet weaving unique to the northern regions of Azerbaijan since the 18th century. These carpets are considered "pileless" as they are thinner than conventional "piled" carpets. Most sumakh carpets have intricate geometrical designs and exhibit brilliant naturally dyed colors - reds, blues, yellows, greens and purples.

The first two videos on the right are of Lezgi Mountain Crafts Sumakh weaver, Zenure Gafarov.  The third video was taken in the Village Piral in northern Azerbaijan. The woman weaving has been making carpets for over 20 years. She has grown so accustomed to the loom that she doesn't have to look at a design plan to know which colors go where. Gusar is one of the last places in the world that is home to such weavers.

There are many styles and designs of Sumakh carpet. Lezgi Mountain Crafts is in the process of securing specific designs.  Carpets are now available to order.  Please keep in mind that the carpets take longer than our other craft orders to fulfill.

Prices:        150cm width or less  - $250 per square meter
                 151cm width or more - 150 per square meter (not available at this time, sorry)

Shipping:    Shipping will depend on the weight of the carpet.  All carpets require a registration certificate purchased through the Azerbaijani Government.
                The average price for shipping and registration is $250 - $350.

Different width carpets require different size looms, hence the difference in price.  Carpet sizes must be proportional to traditional Lezgi patterns.  Some typical carpet dimensions are 140cm x 200cm,  150cm x 220cm, and 180cm x 240cm.  Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a carpet.

You can read more about Sumakh carpets by visiting Azerbaijan Carpets, Juvanbur, and Dugul Looms.

SIZE: 1.5M X 2.13M

Recently Sold:

Purchased and now hanging in a living room in Colorado, USA!

Zenure Weaving a Sumakh

Sumakh Carpet Weaving (close up)

Sumakh Carpet Weaving